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Session Based Test Management

This week I gave two talks on Session Based Test Management and Exploratory Testing at QUEST 2012. For one of the talks, I included a link to my current SBTM dashboard as a Google Doc. You can find the presentations here:

Exploratory Testing in the Enterprise

Session Based Test Management 

And if you're interested in checking out the dashboards, you can download a copy here: 

If that dashboard looks a bit familiar, that's because it's based on James Bach's Low Tech Testing Dashboard. I should also give a shout out to Ken Petty for laying down some of the formatting on the area tabs. Clearly there are other shout outs for the slides: Bach, Bach, Bolton, Kaner, Kohl, and an army of others... Both presentations contain a nice collection of references for additional reading at the end. 

Reader Comments (2)

Thanks for posting this, especially your dashboard template. From all the conferences I've been to lately, it seems the field of testing is always trying to justify its existence. "Testing is dead" and things like that are up for discussion. With good dashboards that show results and improvement, its hard to deny that QA has a big contribution. Just cause we aren't coding and 'creating' per say, we are definitely a big part of the entire process.

Thanks, I was looking for this, you have saved my time.

August 24, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLarry

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