Consulting Services

If you’re interested in engaging me for consulting services, I tend to work on projects functioning as a project manager, test manager, or a strategic advisor on development methodology and process. 

For teams and companies looking to develop better software, I:

  • help teams and organizations implement agile development practices
  • help teams and organizations review their current testing practices and update them to leverage new tools and techniques
  • help design and build software testing organizations, teams, and processess
  • help organizations make strategic hires by assisting with job definition and technical interviews
  • help make cultural changes as part of a broader effort to address some systemic problem 

For projects looking to deliver specific solutions, I:

  • manage projects 
  • manage testing efforts 
  • develop test plans and strategies 
  • identify and develop technical solutions to testing problems 
  • develop test assets and execute testing

I prefer small short term projects but if the right long-term or full-time project comes along, I’m happy to do it. I rarely find that I need to take on a single project full time in order to provide value to the project team. Contact me if you’re interested in finding out about availability or specific services.