A project case study

Last summer at DeveloperTown, we chartered a project to have Spencer (one of our interns) along with Chris (acting as product owner and tester) build a new product for an existing client of ours. The work was a bit speculative, but low risk since Chris and I really felt like we knew what the client wanted and needed. Chris and Spencer used a fairly standard vanilla scrum process – leveraging Pivotal Tracker and some other basic tools – to deliver the foundations of the product. Every two weeks or so they would get together to discuss stories, progress so far, and feature tradeoffs. In about three months, they had all the high-level features implemented. ...

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The MVP Reading List

I regularly get asked for book references. From employees new to DeveloperTown, to founders who walk in the door and aren’t sure where to start, to people who look at what we do and how we work and ask how we figured all that stuff out. Some of it we figured out, much of it other people figured out and wrote down. We were smart enough to read it, apply it, and adapt it to the way we work. You can too.

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Three alternative uses for test management software

If a quality assurance team has implemented a sophisticated test management system, then its members have no doubt experienced some of the significant benefits this technology can provide, including syncing on-site and offshore teams, creating and storing automated test scripts and sharing testing resources across the entire company. Once these features have been digested and fully implemented, QA leaders might wonder how they can further take advantage of their test management software to wring the most value out of this high-performance utility. With a little creativity, QA management can discover innovative uses for this technology, optimizing the performance of software testers and developers.

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STARWEST 2013 Slides Posted

Just posted the slides for both of my STARWEST talks from earlier this week:

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Writing Better Charters

My webinar for Tips for Writing Better Charters for Exploratory Testing Sessions just posted to YouTube: 


I really enjoyed putting these slides together. I also received a bunch of questions I still need to follow up on. If you have any feedback, it's much appreciated.