Writing Better Charters

My webinar for Tips for Writing Better Charters for Exploratory Testing Sessions just posted to YouTube: 


I really enjoyed putting these slides together. I also received a bunch of questions I still need to follow up on. If you have any feedback, it's much appreciated. 



Session Based Test Management

This week I gave two talks on Session Based Test Management and Exploratory Testing at QUEST 2012. For one of the talks, I included a link to my current SBTM dashboard as a Google Doc. You can find the presentations here:

Exploratory Testing in the Enterprise

Session Based Test Management 

And if you're interested in checking out the dashboards, you can download a copy here: 

If that dashboard looks a bit familiar, that's because it's based on James Bach's Low Tech Testing Dashboard. I should also give a shout out to Ken Petty for laying down some of the formatting on the area tabs. Clearly there are other shout outs for the slides: Bach, Bach, Bolton, Kaner, Kohl, and an army of others... Both presentations contain a nice collection of references for additional reading at the end. 


Software Testing at Startups

Last month I gave a talk at STP Spring 2012 on Software Testing at Startups. I really enjoyed putting this talk together and had a blast presenting it. If you are interestsed in the slides, here is the Prezi for the talk. 


Orders of Magnitude in Test Automation

I just uploaded the slides from my talk at Microsoft on orders of magnitude in test automation. The talk is based on the article I wrote with the same name. In the talk, I use Marick's framework for agile testing to help frame where some of this automation fits on agile teams. I was really happy with the number of questions that I recieved after giving the presentation. Lots of good discussion on leveraging the heuristic at large companies, on legacy projects, and looking at the changing role of the tester. 


Interview with Bill Fox

Bill Fox of 5 Minutes to Process Improvement Success recently interviewed me about some of the agile coaching I've been doing with product teams. You can find the interview here, it starts on page 77.

From the interview: 

Up front we say, “We're going to drop a big rock in your pond and it’s going to have a lot of ripple effects. With each one of those ripples, we're going to have to make a tweak or process change, and that’s going to take time.” We typically sell it with the idea that we're going to come in and make a big impact day one, but you're going to be fine-tuning these changes over a three to four-month period. It still takes time, just like any other process improvement.

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